• Fabia
      • Fabia Monte Carlo
        Fabia Monte Carlo
        Attractive tuning in a sporty, elegant style
        • ​Exterior elements such as headlights, wheels, the roof, etc. in a black finish
        • Black plastic trim around the entire circumference of the lower section of the vehicle
        • Sill trim with the inscription Monte Carlo
      • Fabia
        A versatile compact vehicle for more than just the town
        • ​A wide range of engines from 44 kW to 77 kW
        • ​A large interior and comfort for five passengers
        • Excellent handling
  • Roomster
      • Roomster
        A vehicle with an original concept and a flexible interior
        • ​Large rear side windows for an unlimited view from the vehicle
        • A panoramic roof
        • The VarioFlex rear seat system for 9 interior layout variants
  • Rapid
      • Rapid
        A compact liftback with modern technology and room for the whole family
        • ​A new design language – clear, precise and elegant
        • ​“Simply clever” details like the ice scraper on the fuel tank cover and so on
        • Powerful, but economical engines ranging from 55 kW to 90 kW
  • New Octavia
      • New Octavia
        New Octavia
        A class of its own
        • ​Clear, precise and timeless design, benchmark in terms of room for occupants and their baggage​​​
        • New assistance systems and innovative comfort and infotainment systems
        • Powerful and efficient engines
  • Yeti
      • Yeti
        A stylish SUV with an urban design and off-road equipment
        • ​The Off-Road system in 4x4 vehicles for difficult areas
        • ​A higher headlight height in all vehicle versions
        • The Columbus navigation system with the off-road navigation function
  • Superb
      • Superb
        A representative, comfortable sedan with the practicality of a liftback
        • ​TwinDoor – the variable opening of the fifth door
        • ​Bi-xenon headlights with the AFS function (Adaptive Frontlight System) and LED daylights
        • A parking assistant
  • Praktik
      • Praktik
        A two-seater utility vehicle for small and medium-sized enterprises
        • ​A load area with a volume of up to 1900 litres
        • Tough metal panels in the position of the rear side windows
        • A cover grill on the fifth door’s window

At ŠKODA we understand life’s little everyday challenges.

It’s the clever little touches that make our cars exceptional.
Discover the smart thinking inside the latest ŠKODA models with our ŠKODA Simply Clever Videos.
If you drive one of the latest cars from ŠKODA everything is within easy reach. The ice scraper is right where you can find it easily – behind the little door that covers the fuel tank cover. And like you know from an aircraft safety drill the emergency vest is stored under the driver’s seat in its own holder. Easy to reach is also the simply clever cup holder – which has its own multimedia slot. And you have the freedom to plug in the device you want, when you want. With our simply clever in car systems that connects you with your MP3 player or iPod via USB and auxiliary ports as well as Bluetooth.

ŠKODA drivers can take advantage of some interior features that just make life easier. Like the removable lamp in the boot that is always on hand when you need it. Or do you know the situation when you do not know where to put picture or directions that you’ll need at a glance? When you sit in the front seats of a new generation ŠKODA, everything is easy to see with the handy little photo holder.

Sometimes you want a bag in the front seat with you without it getting under your feet. That’s why the handle of the glove compartment on the front passenger side also doubles as a bag holder. You will never lose a park ticket again with our ticket holder that clips neatly to the side of the windscreen within easy reach of the driver. Easy to reach for you and highly visible to anyone inspecting your ticket from outside the car.
At ŠKODA we effortlessly create cars with a human touch that make every journey more of a pleasure. If you get thirsty on your trips just store your large bottles with 1.5 litre safely in the front door panel. And for smaller bottles, there’s further capacity in the rear left door too. ŠKODA even makes your journey a pleasure when it is raining and you have to leave the car. Just take the umbrella from the left rear passenger door from a discreet port that holds its own umbrella. Another simply clever feature for your trips is our little rubbish bin. It clips onto the storage well of the passenger door and is easy to slide out whenever you wish to empty the bag.
Where do you tuck all those extra items? At ŠKODA we developed storages ideas for all those items. Like little pockets of netting in the front cabin to keep family items safe and secure until they’re needed. A strong, stylish band in the door panel holds papers together and stores them away to keep them from littering up you vehicle. You spend all morning shopping, finding exactly the things you are looking for. But how do you keep your new purchases safe for the journey home? Just open the boot of your new ŠKODA Octavia, hang them on the bag hooks and everything is taken care of. For single items like your soccer ball just use the elastic netting in the boot to store everything tidily away. Strong enough to hold items in place, flexible enough for a child to use.
How do you keep items grouped together so they’re neat and easy to transport? ŠKODA has some simply clever solutions for you. Storage dividers in the boot will keep everything in place so that you can take them straight out of the boot when you get to your destination. And if you forgot something at the shop you do not have to rearrange the boot to stop everything from toppling out again. Our designers have included a roll cover that easily opens and closes to take that last minute item. Sometimes it’s more important to have a dedicated area to protect what’s really special. The clever ŠKODA boot shelf adjusts position so that you can stow your precious cargo in the optimum way. Other times you are looking for a empty space to take the family suitcases. The new ŠKODA Octavia gives you the best of both worlds with a boot shelf that quickly stores away when you don’t need it.
A modern family car needs to be ready for anything. A sophisticated dinner party or a trip to the countryside. In a ŠKODA, your boot space can remain smart and clean with a boot mat that is cleverly double sided. If you need to find some extra space just tilt the rear seats forward or even lay them flat in seconds to offer as much storage capacity as you need. ŠKODA knows about flexibility needs and also offers you a twin boot door that opens at both traditional saloon and hatchback levels. In a ŠKODA you are also ready for anything on a dark night seeing any unseen dangers or obstacles on the road. A special headlamp technology automatically recognises when you are driving around corners and also returns to straight forward when the steering does. It is such a simply clever way to protect you and your family.
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