Meet App

Meet shows you the way!

​You want to make an appointment with up to 9 friends of yours?

You want to store your car‘s position for finding back to it later?

With Meet you always stay on top of the game - literally!

​Meet Friends


Meet Friends, shows you and up to 9 of your friends the shortest way to your meeting point. You can even see each others current position on the detailled map so you can time your arrival exactly!

Thrilling action and competition awaits you in Challenge, prove yourself in a race and reach the landmark before your friends do! Prove yourselves in Cross-Country in a race right through the woods, only using the radar interface!

Meet My Car

Using Meet My Car, you‘ll never lose yourself while trying to find your car in the middle of the night! Just store your cars position on the detailled map and it will show you the shortest way back just when you need it!

Stay in touch easily to all your favorite ŠKODA events, Sneak previews or exclusive offers – Meet ŠKODA keeps you up to date anytime!